Friday, April 17, 2009


Midnight and I come bouncing in from a long day of work, mexican food and random youtube watching. My youngest brother, HW, is already at the door, both he and the dog nosing around in the hope that I brought them a treat. I give the lamb bones to my dog and turn to my brother excitedly. "I have something to show you on youtube."

"Me too," he says with a childlike anticipation. "You know Sanjeev Bhaskar?"

"Are you kidding?" I turn my incredulous gaze on him. "I was just watching his interview on Parkinson today!"

"Oh my god, that's what I wanted to show you. The one where he talks about the guinea pig?"

"Yes!" I stare at him in mock horror. "Anyway, I wanted to show you this other video of John Cleese."

"On Parkinson?" He stares back at me in surprise. "The one where he talks about Fawlty Towers and how the Ministry of Silly Walks didn't take off at first -"

" - And he's performing on stage and turns to the audience for the next line - " I interrupt fervidly.

" - And 40 of them shout it back at him - ," HW says over me.

" - And he says, what's the point?!" I finish his sentence and we look at each other. I am well and truly floored. "I can't believe we watched the exact same videos on the exact same day, of all the things on youtube."

There's a moment of silence marked by Chip crunching and lipping the bone, then HW muses, "Oh my god. It's like we're two people with one brain."

I sigh and drop my bag on the dining table. "Tell me about it."

Honestly, if we weren't two such cool people, it would be kind of creepy.

As it is though, it's a lot of fun.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The BBC - Giving Laughing Induced Hernias Since 1957

For those in need of a laugh, this nostalgic video was BBC's first April Fools video, way back in 1957 - a work of pure genius.

Apparently the channel received many calls after that, asking where how they could grow their very own spaghetti bush.

I don't know which is funnier, the deadpan delivery and hilarious acting or the comment left on youtube by user "Esquibelle" saying:

"The greatest tragedy of my life was when my grandpa, Hans Federer, fell off a ladder during autumn harvest. We were forced to sell off our trees, and had only lasagna bushes near the house left for food. My sister left for Gstaad where she lived in a chalet with other transient girls who picked spaghetti by day, and crocheted Swiss lace for tourist shops with nuns by night .
Her fingers were worn to the bone, and she was often forced to ski between jobs. Desperate, she had an affair w/her boss.

"When she discovered she was with child, she came back to hide w/our family. She had little boy whom she named Roger after a famous cowboy from America. He was too delicate to pick spaghetti, but loved to play with a little ball and bat it around with a stick. He also loved to dance, and twirled in the spaghetti orchards while he pretended to be Baryshnikov. Later, he grew up and became the most famous tennis player in the world. And it all started in the spaghetti fields."

Hahaha. Have a happy belated April Fools Day.