Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank You

I'm a huge grumbler. I often go through life complaining about this and that and not being very grateful for anything at all, even when I tell myself daily how much I have and how I should feel about it. It doesn't take a genius to know just how I should feel about my truest friends though.

They've always listened when I've had things to cry about, always nodded sagely when I ranted and railed and most of all, they've been there for me without me ever having to say anything. I love them to bits and I hardly ever get the chance to tell them about it.

And now, in what sometimes feels like the darkest moments of my life, when I have more weighing in the balance than anything, they refuse to judge me.

Instead, I get little notes about how I can call anyone of them even if it's at four am, or people from overseas instantly replying messages that I may send in the wee hours. When I brought this up with Smelly, she told me I was being ridiculous.

"Haha...after like 8-9yrs of frenship, this doesn't even need a thk U.....", her reply read.

Oh but it does. So thank you, all of you. I'll never fully be able to vocalise how thankful and lucky I feel with you, but I sure am going to try.